Boggy Creek show

The Boggy Creek Show combines all the skill of horsemanship, mustering, whip cracking, working dogs and sheep tricks with humour, a naughty kelpie and a stubborn mule.

There are not many truly traditional family farms left in the High Country. The Boggy Creek Show reflects Australia's iconic farming values and practices, ones that people from all around Australia and the world recognise and identify with.

The Boggy Creek Show is a 2-hour live show that ultilises farming techniques and knowledge learnt over three generations. The owner-operators, Tim and Petrina, keep their culture alive by showing people how generations of High Country cattlemen opened up and farmed the High Country. Preserving the bush knowledge that can only be described as "heritage" is one of the main aims of the Boggy Creek Show. Tim and Petrina go to great lengths to show visitors the ins and outs of mountain life: from how to "cooee" to boiling the billy for tea. Nothing is overlooked in bringing past and present farming activities alive.

The Boggy Creek Show has featured on The Great Outdoors.

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